Cosmo Epic Roma, Gladiator, Ancient Roman Era Of Coliseum Fights, Online Social Casino, Free Slots Games

Welcome to the Kingdom of Epic Roma

Epic Roma is a part of one of the unique revenge-driven action dramas that are now played in the form of online Casino Slot Games.

Players love the game, and it drives them to pick their arms to win prizes and bonuses.

The theme, sound, and animation are based on the ancient Roman era of Coliseum fights. The games and their features take you back to the Roman era, where you can get the feeling of being a warrior.

The game involves many power-packed gaming features like free spins, multiplier, bonus games, jackpot features, Coliseum Bonus, and other prizes.

Cosmo Epic Roma, Gladiator, Ancient Roman Era Of Coliseum Fights, Online Social Casino, Free Slots Games
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Ancient Roman Gladiator

Epic Roma - A True Warrior of Roman Republic and Roman Empire

The Epic Roma slot is one of the best visual games designed and centered on famous movies and their characters. The features of the games are salient and imitate the experience of living in the epic Roman era. In the game, some embedded features help the player win excellent bonuses.

The game has an Epic Roma 3D classic slot with two playing methods. One is a regular play mode slot, and the second one is with five reels and 50 pay lines. Indeed, the new online slots games are one of the most played games with excellent winning outcomes. So, why stop yourself? Get gaming now!

Play Like a Warrior

Game Features

The Epic Roma game comes with realistic features and gives a great feel to the entire game. Here is a list of features that will enhance your gaming experience:


The game icon is selected randomly based on the payout, and the prize is allocated. The winning amount is pre-defined and has pre-valuation.

Spear Attack

Spears were widely used deadliest weapons by the warriors during the Roman era. The icon replicated in this online slot game has five reels with paytables. Keep a watch on the spear icon.

Sword Attack

The ancient culture of fights and wars is incomplete without a sword attack. To add grace to the game and feel the play, check on the icon and be the lucky one to win the game.


When the Enraged feature is activated, perfectly crippled wild tigers are combined randomly.

The Gladiator Bonus

The Gladiator bonus is activated only when the player obtains three wilds based on the game's terms and conditions.

Coliseum Bonus

The Coliseum Bonus is the slot the players love to try their luck. It contains enormous bonuses and incredible wins.

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